Friday, May 7, 2021

To Faaite day 2

Location 12.27s x 141.43w
Time 1000 utc (1230am local)
Boat speed 6.4
Wind 17 from 070
Prior 24 hours miles covered 174 (I think a new SeaGlub record)

Sailing out of Hiva Oa and not going to Fatu Hiva was a tough choice. Several things factored in, Fatu Hiva was 50 miles to windward and we had just done 100 windward miles to Hiva Oa and didn't know if we wanted to do that again right away, the Tuamotus are calling (they're not going away but we do only have a limited stay here), and I know this will sound extremely spoiled and it is but we had just been to 4 of the most beautiful anchorages and were pretty satisfied to know that if we could we would stay in the Marquesas for several months like the European crew boats we have met. So onward with the trades further south we go.

The winds were blustery leaving Hiva Oa and we were absolutely jamming. In fact after 12 hours of averaging over 8.2 knots we intentionally slowed down, both for personal comfort and easing pressure on the boat, but also because I started to factor arrival time at the reef pass we are headed for. Ideally we will arrive sometime around 10-11am with high tide at 1pm giving us our best entry opportunity. At the higher speed we were traveling we were looking at a sunset arrival the day before we had anticipated. That would mean stopping the boat and just trying to sit still, heave-to, for over 12 hours. Just slowing down seemed a lot easier. So now here we are. Triple reefed main and double reefed genoa with 42 feet of waterline nicely making way... We're still running a bit quick but we're not even halfway so we can slow down more as we approach if we need to. Pretty comfy conditions out here tonight, we've got 16-18 knots of wind coming behind used on the port side with fairly
seas now after a rolly start yesterday.

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