Sunday, January 31, 2016

A January Full of Visitors!

We were really fortunate to have several visitors in January, both family and friends.  SeaGlub got back out on the water several times and we had a great trip to Phoenix where we absolutely spoiled, absolutely.  Here's January in pictures:

First our 20m sail track where most of this was actually under sail, even when we were warned off from an approaching US submarine near the entrance of San Diego harbor!

Happy sailing family, even if we're always seeming to do this with foulies on....

Hoisting the turtle sail

Turtle sail flying!
Had a US Navy gun boat warn off from getting much closer
sv Volare looking just great!
rafted up in Glorietta Bay
Breadbowls and tomato soup on Volare, yum!  Thanks Jess!
Beautiful panorama near the tide pools in Point Loma
Point Loma lighthouse
Uni!  I have an agreement with these guys - I won't eat them if they agree to not stick into the bottom of my feet!
Tessa is really loving our hikes
A little bit of golf back at my favorite course, TPC Scottsdale, home to the loudest hole in golf.  Special thanks to JT, what a great day!  I know I almost holed this shot on 16 but I don't remember much after that, between the Transfusions and a powerful cigar, I remember waking up in my hotel room thinking it was 7am when my wife said, ummm no, you're waking up from passing out for a nap, it's 7pm and dinner time.

Group shot at the loudest hole in golf.  Thanks JT, Mark (not pictured) and Dan for the great day
And here's where my tee shot ended up after hitting the stick!  (and yes I made the putt for birdie)

maybe there were Coronas involved too

Great date night dinner at Capital Grille with my girls.  They took great care of us, including bringing a puppy.  Fantastic service and food.

Later in the month we got to hang out with a man who I've barely gotten to spend time with throughout my life but I intend on changing that as life goes forward.  My cousin Chris is an amazingly loving father and husband, worldly knowledgable beyond description, serves his country without question, has a great sense of humor and is a blast to hang out with.  I really appreciate the time we've had together in the past year and hope that more times are ahead.  I learn so much when he's around and look forward to more.

CP as the king of the world....or at least San Diego

and the man can poor a drink, just enough room for a splash of Coke

And the man can have a good time, we meant to go out for a drink and 5 hours later were eating pizza on the boat at 3am.  Here's to next time!