Who are We?

Chris and Monica Glubka, who are we.....?

Most of all, we're grateful.  Grateful for each other, for the paths our lives have taken, for having met each other, having met all the people in our lives who have each one of you guided us to this point in life, grateful for all those people we haven't met yet and the wonderful things you will teach us, grateful for every day we have and to live them to the fullest.  We are happiest when we are with friends, new and old, yet we both love our time alone as a couple and sometimes just alone.  We've taken our lives down the path laid out before us, but when we had a choice we probably both usually chose the road less traveled.  Questioned by some but encouraged by all, we respect and need all of your opinions.  Now we take another path, certainly one less traveled but not unknown to many.  

Chris Glubka

Born near the ocean but never got a chance to see the sea until age 11, I haven't lived further than 50 miles from the shoreline ever since.  The ocean waters have always seemed to rejuvenate me, hard to explain but when I haven't tasted seawater in my sinuses for some time, it's like needing a Gatorade after a workout, it just refreshes me.  After graduating near the top of my high school class, it took me 10 full years to get a bachelor's degree.  But the timing must've been right because from there I began meeting people in the professional world who would guide my life down a path I never envisioned.  15 years I had the great opportunity to work in the capital markets and finance world and each step of the way had terrific mentors.  From a college professor who opened the door for me, to the most intelligent and hard working individual I ever had the fortune of knowing (and learning from her as she persevered in a male dominated industry) to a great colleague but better friend to capping my career working with a man with biggest heart and desire to share it I've ever known.  Thank you all of you.  My family never really knew where I was but never stopped telling me it was the right place to be, and that support kept me going.  Now I've got my best friend, partner, wife and admiral.  You're the one I'll be leaning on for these next chapters, thank you for being my source of confidence. 

Monica Glubka

I have always called myself a ‘water baby’ and have never been very far away from the sea.  Living my entire life in Southern California has provided me with wonderful experiences and built up a love for the ocean.  Spending summer after summer at the beach with my mom and brother and camping dozens of time with my whole family along the California coast has been a dream come true for most people.  My family and I traveled a lot within California and we experienced many things together, but I had only been outside of the country once on a random trip in my childhood to Rosarito, Mexico and twice to visit family in Canada.  I lived a life of adventures in tents with BBQs by the beach…always keeping the shore in arms reach.  Then, a random day in March started my life down a new path.

I fell in love for the first time!!!  I met Chris, this adventurous man who had traveled all over the world, surfed, wake boarded and water skied, drove go-karts, snowboarded, jumped out of a perfectly good airplane, and all kinds of things I had never even imagined doing.  His life seemed amazing to me, with his vagabond life that he had lived since birth.  My life seemed so mundane compared to his.  Sure, I like having fun, as long as it is safe fun…nothing too risky ;)

Fast forward a few years, add an amazing list of places I never even dreamed I would travel to, a wedding, and a boat!  It all started with a Groupon for Tradewinds Sailing Club and a weekend class on a tiny Capri and my life’s path would be changed forever.  Chris had always thrown around the idea of getting a boat and sailing around the world…but I would always smile at him and think in the back of my head, ‘that’s nice honey.’  The idea seemed crazy to me!!!  I had never even been on a sailboat before!   Now, I can’t even be away from her (the boat) without getting home sick and missing having to step down a random step to get into our galley, watching my head while I’m doing the dishes, and minding my shins getting to my bed.  Our boat has become a necessary part of me that I never knew I was missing.

The time has come to cast off the lines.  I have spent my entire life wanting to work with kids.  I have been living my life’s dream and been teaching for the last 5 years and I LOVE it.  I am so excited to start this life of adventure and uncertainty, but hesitant to leave all that I have worked so hard for and the wonderful life Chris and I are currently living.  I have to prepare myself to let go of the shore (something that I have never felt comfortable doing) and trust that my amazing husband has another exciting adventure in store for us.