Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Test from Pactor modem

If you're reading this then I successfully sent a blog post to the internet from a Single Side Band marine radio!!!

radio email processed by SailMail
for information see:

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Checklist getting checked off

As we wind closer to our imminent departure from San Diego (and not an easy thing to do, leaving family, good friends, and an amazing place to live) we are checking of to-do items and the prep work is getting done pretty efficiently.

The following is likely incomplete but these are some of the things we are undertaking as we finalize prep for Mexico:

- Generator running now but needs some parts replaced before we leave, those were ordered today so hoping they're here soon

- Water maker is making water but only at about 60% of capacity, I believe the problem is one of two things, either 1) low voltage due to corroded wires, or 2) feed pump heads would like to be rebuilt.  I'll tackle this later this week or next week

- New Pactor modem for our SSB (HAM radio for mariners) needs to be hooked up

- VHF has never worked as good as it should, doesn't always transmit or receive as far as it should, hoping it's just a antenna to cable connection issue

- phone plans changed (several good plans for North America now from your standard US carriers, ie no roaming charges any more, Canada, USA and Mexico are all covered under the same plan) so we will be able to keep our current phone numbers at least until leave Mexico in a couple years

- purchase an emergency health travel plan, see D.A.N., this will provide emergency medical insurance and flights back home if needed

- change billing addresses and get a PO Box for future mail (Monica's parents having been kind enough to check up on our PO Box! THANK YOU!)

- update boat insurance for lower latitudes including hurricane areas - this has been a major pain, the insurance companies couldn't be more vague and in some cases completely unresponsive (I may write an entire blog post about this when this task is completed)

- plan our going away party on January 7

- Misty Cutter is working on looking into extended Mexico visas, we have an appointment at the consulate in Los Angeles January 5

- defrost freezer which we need to do every 3-6 months depending on how much frost builds up

- make a reservation for our slip in Ensenada, we will be staying at Hotel Coral for 3-4 weeks

- and...... anything else that comes up

Despite all of this, we and Misty Cutter are taking a road trip to Ensenada tomorrow because.....well because we can and want to!  But also to satisfy anyone's curiosities about the area, the marinas we can choose from, and just to get familiar with processes.  Basically for me it's trip for tacos and a ballena!